Event-Driven Load Balancing of Partially Replicated Objects through a Swarm of Mobile Agents

S. Abdul-Walid, R. Andonie, J. Lemley, J. Schwing, and J. Widger (USA)


Swarm intelligence, mobile intelligent agents, distributed dynamic load balancing.


Swarms of mobile software agents, imitating the behav ior of insects, can solve complex tasks. Such agents in dividually have simple behavior. However, as a collec tive unit, constructive behavior emerges, as it does in in sect colonies. The problem we address is optimizing the distribution of objects with partial replication over a com puter network. We present a new approach, implemented as a prototype, based on swarm intelligence. The system performs dynamic, event-driven, distributed load balanc ing. Every node of the network is capable of producing new events and introducing them into the network for com putation. The architecture is general and can be used as a support for clustering and task allocation applications.

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