Project Management through Policy Monitoring

J. Tassé (Canada)


Software development policies, monitoring, policy specification, policy verification, project management.


Policies can be used to describe the standards and best practices that an organization has decided to adhere to during software development. For various reasons (good or bad), some policies may not be adhered to at all time. Detecting, in a timely fashion, such problems is important for project management. However, since deviations to the policies may be acceptable sometimes, the approach for policy monitoring has to be flexible and non-intrusive. The approach should also work well with a potentially large number of policies, as there can be hundreds of them applicable at the same time. This paper describes an approach with tool support for monitoring a large set of policies, which includes the specification and verification of individual policies, and the analysis of the verification results in order to highlight the areas of the software development process requiring more attention in terms of policy deviation.

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