A Conceptual Model for Supporting Advanced Personalisation in M-Services Applications

E. Jembere, M.O. Adigun, S.S. Xulu, and O.J. Emuoyibofarhe (South Africa)


Personalisation, User preferences, Data mining, User model, m-Services


Research in context-aware mobile computing is currently centred on the creation of middleware to decouple application development from context abstraction. The design of such middleware is influenced by how context is defined. The most widely accepted definitions of context include information which forms the basis of personalisation as context information. This has resulted in a shift of focus in the research in context-aware computing from the principal subject, the user, to the context around him. Advanced personalisation in the access and provision of m-services requires an expansion of focus in the design of middleware for m-services applications to handle personalisation issues. This paper presents ideas, methods and issues towards the conceptual model for structuring and supporting the development of context-aware and personalised m Services applications.

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