Supporting the Maintenance of Distributed Component-based Systems through the Creation of New Architecture Views

X. Fang (Japan)


Software maintenance, distributed component-based sys tem comprehension, software architecture view


Software systems are subject to successive changes throughout their working life. Those changes make sys tem comprehension a great challenge. However, software maintenance developers have to face this challenge when they perform maintenance work. Recently, more and more distributed component-based systems have been developed and put into services, and we deem it important to prepare for the needs of maintaining them. Drawing from our long time experience of maintenance work, we found that ar chitecture views are very useful only when the views suit the maintenance tasks, and that current models of architec ture views intended for the design and development of soft ware systems are inadequate in supporting maintenance. This paper identiļ¬es several architecture views suitable for various maintenance tasks on distributed component-based systems. The approach to creating those views is proposed and implemented in a prototype tool. A case study of ap plying the tool to an industrial system shows that the tool as well as the architecture views are indeed useful.

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