Characters and User Interface Components Recognition from Desktop Digital Images

B.G. Vasudevan, R. Balakrishnan, and S. Agrawal (India)


Texts and User interface Components, Contrast segmenta tion, OCR, and NN


This paper explores the content extraction from digital im ages, specifically from the desktop application digital video images. Content like text and user interface (UI) compo nents are extracted and recognized. An algorithm has been developed for text and UI components segmentation and recognition. An artificial neural network (NN) based opti cal character recognition (OCR) technique has been devel oped, which transform the character image into plain text. UI components segment is recognized based on simple pat tern matching technique Text and UI components contained in such image can be seen as an intermediate stage between image processing procedures and domain knowledge. The algorithm has been tested on images recorded from desktop application screen shots; the experimental results highlight the quality of the solution proposed.

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