Requirements for Context-Aware, Mobile Workflow Systems

C.-F. Sørensen, A.I. Wang, J.O. Nødtvedt, and M.H. Nguyen (Norway)


Smart work process, mobility, context awareness, adaptation, requirements.


This paper describes novel work on context-aware workflow sys tems envisaged to integrate and utilise context information from pervasive environments to improve the enactment of mobile work processes. Work in dynamic, mobile environments requires work flow systems to be capable of utilising contextual events to be used in process enactment and coordination. The existing stan dards in workflow systems are investigated and extended with new requirements to cope with context-awareness. The concept of a smart work process is used to capture adaptive and context aware process support. The requirements and design consider ations for developing context-aware workflow systems are elab orated and then used to propose a new interface for handling context-awareness in workflow enactment services. This inter face will serve as a link between the work environment and the workflow system.

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