Using Non-Linear Metamodel Hierarchies for the Rapid Development of Domain-Specific MDD Tools

R. Gitzel and M. Schwind (Germany)


Model-Driven Development, Metamodeling, Code Generation


Currently, there is a trend in Model-Driven Development towards solutions targeted at specific domains. By focusing on a special field, it becomes possible to achieve a higher level of abstraction than with general-purpose modeling solutions. However, the development of custom domain-specific modeling and code generation tools implies a high initial investment. In this paper we present OMEGA, an approach to the rapid development of domain-specific MDD tools based on non-linear metamodel hierarchies, that is aimed at reducing the effort required for the implementation of domain-specific modeling and code generation tools. The concept of hierarchical metamodeling has been evaluated using a prototype of a generic modeling environment and a code generator capable of translating static and dynamic models into executable code.

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