Predicting Value-Creation in Software Project Complexity

J.K. Balikuddembe and A.E. Potgieter (South Africa)


Software Project Management, Software Engineering, Adaptive Software Development, Value Based Software Engineering and Software Framework Techniques.


The increasing complexity of software development in rapidly changing software development environments necessitates innovative and economic approaches to development and evolution. Estimating the probability distribution of losses and earnings that can be incurred in a development life-cycle for any software project is extremely important when managing the economics surrounding software development. This paper introduces the Complex Adaptive Systems Software Engineering framework (CASSE) that looks at the practical application of software engineering management and the economics that accompany the software life-cycle. This theoretical model addresses value-related challenges and opportunities confronting software engineers and their organizations by doing a comparative analysis of modern software management and development methods. Specifically, it addresses the role of economic parameterization and of managing risk analysis to improve software development processes.

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