Design and Implementation of the Matilda Distributed UML Virtual Machine

H. Wada, J. Suzuki, M.M.B. Eadara, A. Malinowski and K. Oba (USA)


Software Design, Modeling Languages, Model Driven Software Development


This paper describes a distributed UML virtual machine, called Matilda, which allows developers to design their ap plications as UML models and directly execute the mod els. Matilda accepts a UML model as an input, validates it against the UML metamodel, constructs a Java abstract syntax tree (JAST) according to the input model, and ex ecutes Java bytecode generated from the JAST. The ar chitecture of Matilda is designed as a pipeline of plugins, each of which implements a functionality in Matilda such as validating UML models. The pipeline architecture al lows Matilda to flexibly configure its structure and behav ior by replacing a plugin with another one or changing the order of plugins. Also, Matilda can deploy plugins on mul tiple network hosts and seamlessly connect them to form a pipeline. This facilitates distributed software development in which developers collaboratively work on UML mod els at physically dispersed places. This paper describes the design, implementation and performance of Matilda.

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