An HCI Pattern Language

R.O. Badr and H.M. Hosny (Egypt)


Patterns, pattern language, and human-computer interaction


Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) has recently become one of the key areas attracting the attention of software designers and developers. Since the software interface plays an important role in the success of a software, it had to be carefully designed. As with any design process, designing software interfaces had its own set of problems. Hence, pattern writers started to create patterns that deal with user interface design problems, which they called HCI patterns. The increase in the number of the HCI patterns and their variety gave rise to the need for an organized way to deal with these patterns. In this paper, we present an HCI Pattern Language that we built for user interface design patterns. As we could not find a universal method for building a pattern language, we documented our approach in a pattern, which we followed in building the language. The language was also evaluated to prove its validity.

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