Metamodel of Requirements' Types Classifications for Improving the Software Development Process (SDP): An Ontological Approach

O. Hurtado, A. Fraga, J. Llorens, and I. Hernanz (Spain)


Requirements Engineering, Software Development Process, Ontologies.


At the moment several classifications of requirements’ types are offered by standards, methodologies or even applications. Almost not one CASE tool does support different kinds of classifications for requirements’ types. It is important not to puzzle these classifications with a pure categorization of requirements. The proposed solution to that problem is a metamodel to represent any classification of requirements’ types and the relations between them as a first step and an ontology capable to represent the knowledge related to classifications of requirements’ types for standards like ESA, IEEE, Common Criteria and ODP. Finally an adaptation of this metamodel in a tool CASE like swREUSER is an aspiration of the work. The aim of this work was to create an ontological model that facilitates the creation and reuse of knowledge regarding requirements’ types. This metamodel will help in the requirements’ management in specific software development projects and it will promote reuse of requirements’ types classifications, and an optimization of a commercial CASE tool. As an emergent result the improvement of the Software Development Process (SDP) in the Requirements Engineering (RE) field.

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