Towards Improved Software Engineering in Small and Medium-Sized Software Companies Through Focused Training

H.-M. Sihvonen and P. Savolainen (Finland)


Software engineering, SMEs, training


In this paper, we introduce an empirical case, which studies how to support software engineering in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) through focused training. The role of small and medium-sized software companies in the market is notable and enhancing their capability in software engineering is crucial. By surveying the SMEs training needs cyclically and by organizing them the needed training in a prioritized, tailored, cost effective, local and timely fashion they get extensive support for improving their software engineering through gained knowledge. The amount of training needs and the enthusiasm to invest and attend training is remarkable. Based on the results from the feedback, we have concluded that training that is tailored for SMEs needs is useful for the companies’ software engineering.

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