Modeling and Synthesizing Event-Driven Simulators from Collaborating UML Statecharts

P.O. Bobbie and Y. Ji (USA)


Modeling, Simulation, Reliability, Verification, UML Statecharts


1 The paper is on techniques and methodologies for modeling the communication and behavior of software systems as event model elements in UML Statecharts. Event elements: signal-event, call-event, change-event, and time-event, facilitate the modeling of the interactive and collaborative behavior of system components under defined constraints. The goals are to 1) model the global state of a family of collaborating UML statecharts, expressed as ‘chains’ of events and 2) generate programs in Promela, a C-like modeling and verification language. The eventual simulator, using Promela code, facilitates validation, reliability, and assurance guarantees of the system behavioral properties and communication protocols. Thus, the mapping of event elements, ‘encapsulated’ in UML statecharts, into executable Promela asynchronous code is a key result. Tools used for our implementation include XMI, Oracle database, and a Dom Parser in the code generation process.

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