An Integrated Requirements Specification and Validation Framework for Model-based Systems

M. Jiang (USA)


Requirements validation, requirements verification, SDL, UML, and model-driven development.


Modeling languages, such as SDL and UML, define various diagrams to capture the structures, behaviors, and interactions of a system from multiple perspectives. These graphical notations not only facilitate the representation and understanding of the requirements, architecture, and design of a system, but also provide the basis for system validation and verification thanks to the formal semantic specifications of the modeling languages. This paper describes a formal and integrated approach to validating requirements for model-based systems. We develop a validation framework consisting of test generation from models and integrated type checking across models and test specifications. The behaviors and interactions of the system under simulation are captured for validating against system requirements interpreted by scenario-based specifications. Experiences of our approach to model-based design, development, and validation of real-time mobile communication systems using SDL and UML are discussed.

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