A Peer-to-Peer Framework for Mobile Collaboration

A.I. Wang, M.S. Norum, and C.-H.W. Lund (Norway)


Software Engineering Applications, Mobile and Wireless Computing, Peer-to-peer, J2ME, Bluetooth.


The paper describes a framework used to develop mobile collaborative applications in Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). The framework focuses on the support for same-place same-time collaboration on mobile phones utilising per sonal area networks (PANs). We believe that the PAN technology available on mobile phones enables for a broad range of new collaborative applications supporting collo cated work and spontaneous interaction. Today, such appli cations can be developed using J2ME along with PAN APIs like the Bluetooth API supported by the most recent mobile phones. However, these APIs lack of high-level peer-to peer primitives, so the developers have to focus too much on the technical aspects and not the collaborative aspects. Our framework provides the necessary high-level concepts to develop collaborative peer-to-peer applications and is in dependent of the underlying PAN technology. This paper describes the concepts, the design, and results from devel oping applications using our framework.

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