Knowledge Packaging Supporting Risk Management In Software Processes

P. Ardimento, N. Boffoli, M. Cimitile, A. Persico, and A. Tammaro (Italy)


Knowledge Packaging, Risk Management, Knowledge formalization, Knowledge capture.


The need for using past acquired experience is a critical issue and has assumed strategic importance in the past years. For this reason the scientific community has focused its attention on the identification of methods, tools, and techniques for formalizing experience and know-how and making it available for other projects. An area where such issue is quite important is risk management. Here manager experience is crucial for making decisions during project execution. Literature presents many approaches for risk management that have, as weakness the fact that knowledge reuse is seldom supported and considered. In this sense this paper presents an approach for managing risk knowledge. It is based on the conceptual model of Experience Factory Organization. In particular, it presents the structure of an experience package based on decision tables, and the structure of a knowledge base for risk management. A preliminary explorative study has been carried out on industrial projects of EDS Italia Software. First results are encouraging and motivate further research in this direction.

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