Finding Aspects in Object-Oriented System

S. Hu, Q. Li, P. Chen, H. Chu, Y. Su, and Yuying Wang (PRC)


Aspect Mining, Object Oriented, Reverse Engineering and Type Dependency Graph


In large Object-Oriented systems, complex relationships among classes are difficult for developers to comprehend, maintain, refactor and migrate. To overcome the obstacle, the classes are separated into different aspects. Source code has been analyzed and all static and dynamic information is extracted. Based on the information collected, TDG (Type Dependency Graph) is constructed and a hierarchy of aspects has been mined from TDG through an aspect mining method. Each class of the system is put into one aspect. The aspect in the lower level of hierarchy is the foundation of the higher one. The hierarchy gives out the roadmap to comprehend the system and developers find it easy to follow. A Reverse Engineering Tool XDRE (XiDian Reverse Engineering) has been developed to find aspects. (connector)A large Client-Server Object-Oriented System has been analyzed by XDRE, and the results show its effectiveness.

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