A Web-based Tool to Normalize the Relational Database Schema

S. Nandagopalan and B.S. Adiga (India)


Relation, Functional Dependency, Normal Form, Candidate keys, Dependency Graph, Data Mining.


In this paper we present a web based software tool to normalize a database relational schema, R. The schema is normalized into Third Normal Form (3NF) and then to Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF) using efficient algorithms. Since normalization requires finding the candidate keys, a simple concept of dependency graph is used to compute them. It also facilitates users to find the exact Functional Dependencies (FDs) of R by employing SQL-based Data Mining. The tool is implemented using Visual C# and ASP.NET under .NET Framework 2.0. This tool should help the software industries, students, and database designers. We conclude by showing the results and suggesting several promising new research directions.

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