Providing End-to-End Fairness in Wireless Mesh Networks with Chain Topologies

C.-W. Hsu, C.-Y. Wang, and T.-C. Hou (Taiwan)


Mesh network, fairness, throughput, chain topology, scheduling.


In wireless mesh networks (WMN), each node operates not only as an access point but also as a router that forwards user frames to and from a gateway which is connected to the Internet. It has been shown that there is a fairness prob lem in such wireless mesh networks in that nodes farther away from the gateway may be starved by nodes closer to the gateway. In this paper, the end-to-end fairness problem in a chain topology is first analyzed. A solution consisting of Token-based Distributed Scheduling (TDS) and per-flow queuing is then proposed to avoid nodes being starved and to improve the total flow throughput.

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