Combination of XML-RPC and Mobile Agent Technologies

S. Motomura, T. Kawamura, and K. Sugahara (Japan)


Distributed software systems and applications, XML-RPC, XML, Mobile agent, Java.


In this paper, we present usages of XML-RPC and the ef fectiveness in a mobile agent framework named Maglog which is implemented in a Java environment. XML-RPC is used for the following two purposes in Maglog. First, it is a transport mechanism that an agent migrates from one computer to another one. Second, it is an interface which is accessible from applications, written in any other lan guage, which support for XML-RPC. In order to realize an agent migration mechanism, custom serialization mecha nism is implemented to customize Java’s built-in serializa tion mechanism. In custom serialization mechanism, ob jects which represent for an agent are encoded as an XML document. Encoded objects are transferred using XML RPC. For deserialization, a dynamic class loader is imple mented. If no custom serialization is used, an object cannot be deserialized on a remote host, because the class descrip tion of the object may not be in the host. As an example of an interface which is accessible from applications, we show a user interface program of a distributed e-Learning system which we have developed.

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