Backup and Recovery Mechanism for a Distributed e-Learning System

T. Kawamura, S. Kinoshita, S. Motomura, and K. Sugahara (Japan)


Distributed Software Systems and Applications, e Learning, Mobile Agent,Fault Tolerance


We have developed a distributed asynchronous Web based training system. In order to improve the scalability and robustness of this system, all contents and a function that scores user’s answers are realized on mobile agents. These agents are distributed to computers, and they can obtain us ing a P2P network that modified Content-Addressable Net work. In this system, although entire services do not be come impossible even if some computers break down, the problem that contents disappear occurs with an agent’s dis appearance. In this study, as a solution for this problem, backups of agents are distributed to computers. If a failure of a computer is detected, other computer will continue ser vice using backups of the agents belonged to the computer. The developed algorithm is examined by experiments.

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