INTESER: An Integrated Solution to Provide QoS, Traffic Engineering and Fault Tolerance in an MPLS Network

H. Che, M. Gupta, S. Velayutham, C. Lagoa (USA), and Z. Wang (PRC)


MPLS, quality of service, traffic engineering, service restoration, distributed control, resource provisioning


In this paper, we put forward an integrated solution to provide service quality features in an MPLS network, called Integrated, QoS-based Traffic Engineering with Service Restoration (INTESER). INTESER employs a distributed multipath forwarding paradigm in an MPLS domain to enable optimal, QoS-aware traffic engineering and service restoration through static call admission control, and dynamic load balancing and rate adaptation at the domain edge. The core nodes can be QoS agnostic and use a single FIFO queue at each output port. Preliminary simulation results demonstrate the promising prospective of the proposed solution as a simpler and more scalable alternative to the existing solutions.

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