A Distributed Optimization Approach to Ubiquitous Display Environments

T. Heider, M. Giersich, and T. Kirste (Germany)


Distributed Agents, Optimization Algorithms, Ubiquitous Computing, Multiple Display Environments


Emerging multiple display infrastructures provide users with a large number of semi-public and private displays. Selecting what information to present on which display here becomes a real issue, especially when multiple users with diverging interests have to be considered. This espe cially holds for dynamic ensembles of displays. We propose to cast the Display Mapping problem as an optimization task. We develop an explicit criterion for the global quality of a display mapping and then describe a distributed algorithm based on the GRASP framework that is able to approximate the global optimum through local interaction between display devices. We claim that such a distributed optimization approach, based on the deļ¬nition of an explicit global quality measure, is a general concept for achieving coherent ensemble behavior.

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