Implementation of Surface-to-Surface Contact Algorithms using Iterative Solvers on Parallel Computers

E.J. Kim (Korea) and T.A. Laursen (USA)


Mortar Contact, Implicit Dynamic/Quasi-Static problem, Parallel Iterative Solver


In this work, we introduce a robust parallel surface-to surface contact solution strategy for three dimensional fric tional contact problems. A new algorithm is described which has improved overall capability with respect to nu merical robustness and spatial convergence rates, show ing also good parallel ef´Čüciency. In part because numer ical methods for contact problems typically result in ill conditioned and highly unsymmetric stiffness matrices, di rect methods for equation solving have typically been pre ferred in such applications. However, for large-scale con tact numerical modeling, the direct method appears to be limited by its requirements for memory and computation time, which scale with the number of unknowns n as O(n1.5 ) and O(n2 ), respectively. In this paper, we have implemented a parallel contact algorithm using iterative so lution methods, and have applied it to several numerical examples using an Intel Xeon based Linux cluster and an HP-Compaq AlphaServer with up to 512 processors. Rela tively good scalable performance has been observed in the applications tested.

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