Locating Data Servers in Ad Hoc Mobile Networks with K-Hop Time Constraint

X. Chen (USA)


Centralized, Data Server, Distributed, Ad Hoc, Mobile, Status Information


Recent advances in technology have enabled the develop ment of ad hoc mobile networks in which a collection of mobile hosts (nodes) may move freely and self-organize into arbitrary and temporary network topologies in areas where communication infrastructures do not exist. In such networks, hosts frequently need data items to finish a cer tain task. The hosts chosen to store data items are called data servers. If the data items are stored too far away from the requiring host, multiple intermediate hosts are needed to relay the data. This creates a certain amount of delay which is not insignificant in time-critical applications. In this paper, we propose three approaches to locate minimum number of data servers that allow each host to obtain data items in at most k hops. The approaches include one cen tralized approach and two distributed approaches. Simula tion results show that comparing with the centralized ap proach, the two distributed ones are practical algorithms to find minimum number of data servers in ad hoc mobile net works.

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