Dynamic Resource-Constrained Service Composition for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

G. Kaefer, R. Schmid (Germany), G. Prochart, and R. Weiss (Austria)


Service composition, resource-constrained, service selection, MANET, resource-tree generator.


In mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) dynamic service composition is mandatory because of the permanently changing environment by reason of mobility and resource variability. Moreover, dynamic composition alone is not sufficient because devices could typically be very resource-constrained and the resource situation may change rapidly, e.g. battery power may fade away, or due to memory limits a service may not currently run on a device, though it is available in principle. In this paper, we introduce a dynamic service composition approach with two novel aspects. First, we focus on finding dynamic compositions for end-to-end functional descriptions even if functional nodes contained in that description are not directly compatible. Second, we address resource optimization based on simple rules, but with powerful means, such as deployment provisioning and migration of services and components within an ad hoc network.

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