NPP: Nested Ping-Pong Scheduling, Proportional Share Scheduling Algorithm by Ordering the Scheduling Quantum

S. Baek (USA)


Proportional Share, O(1) scheduler, Fairness, General Process Sharing


The proportional share scheduling is used for multiplexing limited resources among users and applications. The ideal scheduler allocates resource to a client for a uniform fraction of any time interval. The goal of proportional share scheduler is to minimize the service time error. To support the bandwidth over than 10gbps for the next generation network, the O(1) time complexity scheduler is required. The previous O(1) proportional share schedulers like VTRR, SRR and GR3 require big service time error in specific cases and hard implementation. This paper suggests a proportional share scheduler that is simple and clear to be implemented and expanded for many applications, while it is still O(1) scheduler and requires just O(1) time cost to manage the prearranged scheduling information.

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