QoS Guarantee in Input-Queued Switches with Noniterative Schedulers

K.F. Chen, E.H.-M. Sha, and S.Q. Zheng (USA)


Input-queued switch, switching, quality of service


We report two fast and scalable scheduling algorithms that provide exact bandwidth guarantee, low delay bound, and reasonable jitter in input-queued switches. The two sched ulers find a maximum input/output matching in a single it eration. They sustain 100% throughput under both uniform and bursty traffic. They work many times faster than exist ing scheduling schemes and their speed does not degrade with increased switch size. SRA and SRA+ algorithms are of O(1) time complexity and can be implemented in simple hardware. SRA tends to incur different delays to flows of different classes of service due to their different subscribed portions of the total bandwidth. SRA+ is a weighted ver sion of SRA. SRA+ improves over SRA in that all flows un dergo the same delays regardless of their bandwidth shares. The schedulers operate on queue groups at the crossbar ar biters in a distributed manner.

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