MSOMS: A Meta Simulation Framework for Optimizing Multi-Domain Simulation

M.H. Khan (USA)


Multidomain modeling, HLA, Distrib uted simulation


Complex system design and analysis requires simulations with different views or domains. Multi-domain simulation models typically are a collection of simulation model integrated through various means. These concurrent models may be implemented to be closely integrated or distributed as parallel-distributed simulation or mix of the two. Performance of a coupled simulation between multiple domain models depends on various factors. Some of them are, integration backplane architecture, messaging schemes, sharing scheme, level of coupling, fidelity of domain models etc. Framework for Optimizing Multi domain Simulation (MSOMS) is a framework which can be used to estimate performance and effectiveness of integration methods under various scenarios. The framework is referred as meta-simulation, since it is a “simulation of a simulation”. This paper captures formulation and demonstration of MSOMS. We compared two possible implementations of a multi-domain model using MSOMS as a case study.

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