Experimental Study of the Three Key Issues of Multi-Auctioneer Model In Computer Grid

X. Han, Z. Fang, W. Wang, F. Xu, and M. Huang (PRC)


Computational economic grid, multi-auction system, election of auctioneer.


By means of introducing multi-auctioneer model, resources in the computational economic grid can be managed and allocated like in the auction. We research and put forward the corresponding solve schemes of three key issues of auctioneer system: preventing auctioneer from cheating, selection of auctioneer, setting of trading prices, and use computational grid modeling and simulation tools GridSim to simulate computational grid environment in the experiment which uses multi auctioneer system to manage and schedule, then we analyze the results of experiment in different conditions, and validate the feasibility of a multi-auctioneer system in computational grid.

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