Micromechanics of Tumor Cell Adhesion and Migration under Dynamic Flow Conditions

C. Dong, M. Slattery, and S. Liang (USA)


shear stress, signaling, extravasation.


Attachment of tumor cells to endothelial cells is critical for migration of tumor cells out of the vascular system to establish metastases. We have studied human melanoma cell (C8161) adhesion and migration in response to stimulation by soluble collagen IV (CIV) using a modified Boyden chamber. In this modified chamber, shear flow can be introduced over the cell substrate interface affecting tumor cell chemotactic migration through a microporous filter. Our results suggest that transmigration of C8161 cells under flow conditions can be influenced by PMNs, mediated by Mac 1/ICAM-1 adhesive interactions and enhanced by altered cytokine production.

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