Automated Individual Modeling Method based on the Multi-sliced Images

N. Inou, M. Koseki, M. Jonishi, and K. Maki (Japan)


Computational Mechanics, Individual Modeling Method, Finite Element Model, Multi-sliced images


This study deals with an individual modeling method that directly produces a finite element model from the multi sliced images. The basic modeling method is to divide an objective shape with small tetrahedral elements. This paper addresses a new method that automatically controls element size according to shape of the object. For the automated modeling, “form factor” is introduced. The form factor indicates degree of complexity of objective. The factor is easily obtained by a simple calculation specified in a local inspected region of a sliced image. The new method produces a finite element model with variable element size. To validate the method, we perform stress analyses using a plate model with a circular hole. We also apply this method to a part of bone including cortical and cancellous bone. The proposed method finely expresses the bony part with small number of element maintaining high precision.

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