STRBAC - An Approach Towards Spatio-Temporal Role-based Access Control

M. Kumar and R.E. Newman (USA)


Locationaware Computing, Timedependent Access, Se curity Policies, RBAC, Access Control Model, Visibility.


The rapid emergence of GPS enabled devices, sensors and mobile equipment in commercial as well as government or ganizations has led to considerable research in timeand location-based access control schemes. Location-based ac cess policies enhance the security of an application by re stricting access to an object only from specified locations. On the other hand, temporal constraints provide granular ity in security features and also limit damage to an ap plication to a specific time interval (e.g. when staff are present to respond if necessary). This paper introduces a novel approach to locationand time-based access control mechanism using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). We believe that it is well-suited for organizations that require timeand location-based access control over static or mo bile objects.

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