Integrating and Conveying Knowledge on How to Design Multimedia Learning Environments – The Development of an eLearning Design Assistant

H.M. Niegemann (Germany)


instructional design, artificial intelligence, multimedia learning


Authors and developers of e-learning products are often not familiar with instructional design theories and models. To foster the pedagogical quality of multimedia learning environments for companies in Europe, an instructional design assistant (ID-Assistant) is going to be developed. Theoretically the ID-Assistant is grounded on a decision based model of instructional design, which tries to inte grate the relevant features of known ID models. The core of the advisory system is a repository of instructional design principles represented by pedagogical design patterns. To help designers make ID decisions it was necessary to find the criteria variables that can differentiate between the alternative design patterns. From a theoretical point of view the ID-Assistant is not just an advisory system for the practise, it represents an open technological theory of Instructional Design.

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