Instructional Design for Hyperaudio Learning with Cellular Phones

J. Zumbach (Austria)


Hypermedia – Cognitive Load Theory – Hyperaudio – mLearning


Instructional Design using non-linear information media has become an established research area in applied learning sciences and cognitive psychology. Although there are many studies focusing on navigation strategies within non-linear hypertext and hypermedia, there is little or no contemporary research on non-linear audio-based learning environments. Non-linear audio learning environments (Hyperaudio) provide several opportunities of flexible and ubiquitous learning, e.g. by using cellular phones. As cognitive mechanisms in hyperaudio learning are different from mechanisms in hypermedia learning, issues of non-linear audio in learning environments have to be carefully examined. In several studies we examined the effects of hyperaudio learning environments on learning processes and outcomes. Results from the study presented here suggest that learning with hyperaudio opens a new research field offering a wide range of potential applications. Nevertheless, in order to gain benefits and to avoid cognitive overload in non-linear auditory learning environments the learning material has to be carefully designed.

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