The Role of Portal Technologies in Corporate Lifelong Learning System

V. Pantović, M. Savković, and D. Starčević (Serbia)


Corporate virtual university, portal framework, corporate learning redesign


Paper focuses on redesigning process of "Virtual Business School" in Energoprojekt Group by implementing web based portal technologies. The personalization of learning content makes the learning process more efficient. Large collections of audio-visual content require proper means of indexing and organizing. Implementing portal framework and extending portal's capabilities via customized modules improves searching and better document management. While redesigning existing distance learning system towards corporate portals we discuss various techniques for distance learning using combination of video courses and interactive testing. This paper provides a brief description of redesign process itself. We used software design methodology in the redesign of classical web based training towards the portal oriented corporate education system which provided well documented system processes, easier further improvements and the possibility to transfer the portal to another platform.

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