Development and Evaluation of Computer Assisted Exam - Circuit Theory Example

J. Rutkowski, K. Moscinska, and L. Chruszczyk (Poland)


e-learning, computer assisted assessment, multi-choice test


In the paper the redevelopment of assessments and examinations from the traditional model into the computer-assisted multi-choice model is presented. The guidelines for computer-assisted multi-choice test development and evaluation [1] are discussed and practically verified on Circuit Theory exam. The information channel idea [2] has been applied for elaboration of the new model. Maximization of the relative mutual information is the criterion for the exam parameters tuning. The genetic algorithm method is utilized for optimization purpose. The numerous advantages of computer-assisted tests have been confirmed and significant time savings have been obtained. The benefits of the computer-assisted multi choice summative assessment have been appreciated not only by the tutors, but by the students as well.

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