A Conceptual Approach to Open Learning Environments via User Stories

D. Rutkauskiene, A. Volungeviciene, G. Rutkauskas (Lithuania), and B. Kieslinger (Austria)


Virtual collaboration, interactive learning environments, pedagogical modelling, user stories.


The paper focuses on an important part in the conceptual development of the virtual learning campus that will be implementation in the FP6 IST project iCamp, co-financed by the European Commission. User stories are collected in order to ensure one aspect of quality assurance in the iCamp space development process. With the data and the information recorded in user stories collected from different European institutions, it is possible to contribute to the design of a user and customer oriented interactive virtual collaboration and learning space. However, to reach best possible applicability of the information encoded in user stories, it is necessary to prepare the most careful outline for user stories, and to ensure a broad scope of stories with applicable and measurable preferences. The paper focuses on the methodology used in the scientific project to collect user stories and presents the experiences perceived by the project team, as well as the intermediate results, problems encountered and recommendations in order to improve the process.

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