A Service-Oriented Portal for Software Engineering Education

S. Ramakrishnan (Australia)


Software engineering, Capstone Project, Portals, Collabo ration and Learning, Service-oriented architecture


The paper provides a basis for establishing an on-line learning community in software engineering. The paper describes the development of a service-oriented portal to provide service for some targeted pedagogical needs of the Software Engineering degree program at Monash University. The portal acts as the front end for exposing the following deļ¬ned services to the users of the portal: task tracking and project planning in group projects; and collaboration between team members in a group project in a subject. Support infrastructure services of user authentication, role and service allocation etc. are also managed via the portal environment. The portal environment is aimed at providing a virtual learning space. The service-oriented portal, entitled Monash University Software Engineering (MUSE) Portal, met the main ob jective of facilitating interactions of students within teams in their group projects. The service-oriented architecture enables the extension of the portal to include more services.

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