Mobile Multimedia Communications for Distance Education: Possible Use in Croatian Schools

M. Suknaic, B. Zovko-Cihlar, M. Grgic, and A. Dodig (Croatia)


e-learning, m-learning, mobile communications, videoconferencing


New mobile network technology enables delivering of broadband services to mobile users emerging interactive multimedia communications. Mobile information and communication technologies (ICT) are important enablers of new social structure for population that use small mobile portable devices as mobile phones or laptops with multimedia applications and mobile connections to Internet. This paper will describe possible usage of distributed mobile multimedia education systems for distance learning in rural areas of the Republic of Croatia. There are several types of learning methods that can be applied in those cases like e-learning which represents self-learning or guided learning method and which requires high motivation of the pupil; m-learning which potential still needs to be investigated, and interactive videoconferencing which enables better teacher-pupil engagement. All those approaches require certain technologies for its implementation and have different social and educational impacts.

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