Standardization and Mobile Learning. An Initial Proposal to Complete the Learner Information

F. Mikic and L. Anido (Spain)


Standardization, e-learning, m-learning, Learner Information, Device Profile


The Learning Technology (LT) standardization process is a hot topic today within the e-learning scientific community. Because the big growth of using mobile devices (PDAs, cellular phones, etc.) around the world, and the increment of their capabilities, these devices are more and more used to learning tasks, and so, it is necessary to adapt the standards to them, because their special characteristics. This paper introduces the main LT specifications and, specifically, addresses several concepts about Learner Information standards, discussing some complements to them related to mobile learning. Concretely we present an initial proposal about a Device Profile, that pretends to complete the learners’ profile with learners’ devices preferences, and we discuss about changes that it implies.

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