An Innovative Approach to Teaching EMI using Virtual Instrumentation Techniques

Ö. Göl, S. Giaccio, and A. Nafalski (Australia)


Electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility, virtual instrumentation.


Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility have emerged as major issues affecting safety and health of contemporary societies. Although it is an interdisciplinary phenomenon, electrical engineering holds the centre stage in expertly dealing with the problem, because electromagnetism is the basis on which electrical engineering is firmly founded. However, this presupposes that electrical engineers are, through their education, adequately equipped to both understand the nature and effects of electromagnetic interference. Yet the subject matter is extremely complex, requiring high level skills in mathematics to formulate and interpret cause – effect relationships related to a highly abstract domain of knowledge. Arguably, intuitive alternatives are needed for effective teaching and learning. This paper presents one such approach based on the notion of virtual instrumentation. The concept is that a user friendly computer-based teaching tool can assist greatly in grasping the fundamental concepts, while encouraging further enquiry into the deeper mysteries of a phenomenon which is here to stay.

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