From e-Learning Standards and F/OSS to Adaptive Learning Systems

E. Õunapuu (Estonia)


Adaptive e-learning system, web services, and software agents, e-learning standards, F/OSS


On of barriers for the spread free and open source software (F/OSS) is the lack of knowledge about methodologies, strategies, skills and technologies in F/OSS domain. One of the objectives of TOSSAD (EU Coordination action project „Towards Open Source Software Adoption and Dissemination”) is to develop and revise F/OSS training standards and help to form the infrastructure and standardization of training documents. In this paper the methodology of creating adaptive learning systems based on open-source software and e learning standards is presented. We begin from the review of learning theories; thereafter the open-source learning is discussed. The learning standards (IMS, SCORM, IEEE) are analyzed in the third part of article. Adaptive e learning environment based on F/OSS and e-learning standards and learning design is introduced in final part of article.

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