The Development and Validation of a Modular e-Book Authoring System

E. Meyen and R. Aust (USA)


Authoring Tools and Methods for eLearning Content Development.


This paper focuses on a Modular e-Book Authoring (MeBA) System developed for creating interactive instructional e-books. The system is designed to support the rapid development of content structures, instructional features, and user interfaces. MeBA is a comprehensive system for developing instructional e-books including content management protocols and tools, authoring software, production processes and formative evaluation tools. MeBA is designed to provide a system for individual authors, publishers, educational or training organizations who wish to produce textbooks, reports, or training resources in an interactive e-book format. The instructional e-books produced with MeBA provide multiple renderings of information including: (1) a multimedia format for the basic content, activities, assessments, glossaries, case studies, graphics and audio; (2) a text-based format where users may access all instructional features from icons embedded in the text. Unique cross-referencing capabilities allow learners to easily connect assessment features with the relevant content. MeBA was subjected to extensive formative testing throughout development. MeBA is designed to create e-books that can be used independently in an entirely electronic format or with a compatible print version.

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