The Next Challenge: Aspect-Oriented Programming

K. Padayachee and J.H.P. Eloff (South Africa)


Aspectoriented programming and pedagogy.


Computer Science educationists face many challenges due to the rapid evolution in technology. One of the more recent challenges was the introduction of object-oriented programming to the computing curriculum. There have been many articles based on the difficulties encountered in teaching object-oriented programming and many solutions proposed in response. While some problems remain unresolved, the pressure to keep abreast of technology remains. The next hurdle that academics may face will be incorporating aspect-oriented programming into the curriculum. Although aspect-oriented programming is not yet ubiquitous in industry it is receiving considerable attention from research and practitioner communities alike. Increasingly academics will encounter the tension between teaching the fundamentals and introducing real-world technologies such as aspect-oriented programming that address real world concerns. This paper addresses this particular notion, together with the challenges that will be faced if aspect-oriented programming is introduced into the computer science curriculum.

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