Decision Support for Provision of HIV Treatments

A. Masizana and T. Mpho (Botswana)


HIV/AIDS Treatment (AntiRetroviral Therapy, Analytic hierarchy Process, Decision Support Systems.


The main objective of this paper is to explore the applicability of decision support procedure to the decision process of providing tailored, HIV/AIDS Treatment (Anti-Retroviral Therapy) using Botswana as a case study. Botswana is one of the leading countries hard hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the government has programs that facilitate the provision of anti-retroviral therapy to the infected. The provision of this therapy involves issues such socio-economic, biomedical, and human rights. Doctors are faced with multiple objectives of trying to restore full function of patients’ immune systems while avoiding or minimizing drug resistance, side effects, treatment failure and evolution of new viral streams. The decision process of selecting the best therapy from available alternatives where there are many criteria to use is not easy. Due to the large number of patients in Botswana the task is enormous and requires formalized decision methods to support the doctors. We propose to present such a method by building a decision support system while modeling using the Analytic Hierarchy Process.

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