Modelling and Simulation of an Energetical Complex System Constituted by a Photovoltaic Array, a Wind Turbine, an Electrolyzer, and Fuel Cells

P. Poggi, M. Muselli, and C. Cristofari (France)


modelling, simulation, photovoltaic system, wind turbine, fuel cells


The aim of this paper is to realise a modelling, a simulation and a study of the energetic performances of a hybrid system which is used to fed an electrical typical load for family (4 inhabitants). For instance, this energetic study is not associated to an economic one. The system is constituted by: a photovoltaic array (PV) which is defined by its peak power (or by its surface), a wind turbine (WT) which is defined by its nominal power, a fuel cell which is used to produce the complementary power, and which is able to satisfy the load alone. The fuel cell used hydrogen produced by an electrolyzer. This electrolyzer used the PV or WT energy which is not consumed by the load. At the beginning of the simulation, the hydrogen stock is assume to be able to satisfy a given of days of autonomous, in winter. The data used are the typical hourly load, the hourly solar radiation in the plane of the PV array, the hourly wind speed for one year, from our local meteorological station. The objective is to adjust the peak power of the PV array, the nominal power of the wind turbine, the electrolyzer power, the fuel cell power in the aim to obtain the same quantity of hydrogen between the beginning and the end of the yearly simulation. We compute various parameters like the hydrogen volume in the stock at each instant.

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