A Day-Night Solar Dryer with Temperature and Flow Control: Numerical Simulations

O. Tamarin, J.L. Bernard, F. Dupont, H. Clergeot, and M. Dupont (France)


Modelling, simulation, electrical and thermal analogy, solar dryer. 1. Nomenclature P0: atmosphere pressure ps: water vapour saturation pressure ηs = ps/P0: water vapour saturation ratio p: actual water vapour pressure H=p/ps : relative humidity He, Hin, Hout: equilibrium, input and output relative humidities D: air flow rate (volumic) dw: water vapour flow rate (volumic) Rp, Cp, Tp : panel thermal resistance, thermal capacity and temperature Rr, Cr, Tr : drying room thermal resist


A solar dryer working continuously during day and night had already been experimented in our laboratory in Guadeloupe (FWI) and in French Guyana. To improve this prototype, a dynamic numerical simulation has been performed, by the use of an electrical analogy scheme. This enable the use of powerful general purpose signal processing code as MATLAB Simulink. The numerical results have been compared with the experimental data and simulation results obtain with the thermal code TRNSYS. A good agreement has been obtained. From the simulation results, discussion is made concerning possible structure improvements.

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