Modeling Application of Overhangs and Side Fins to High-Rise Residential Buildings by using Energyplus

M. Bojic (Serbia)


Modelling, simulation overhangs, and side fins


For typical lone high-rise 20-story residential building in Hong Kong, it was evaluated how cooling of its 10th -floor (mid-level) rooms depends on overhangs and side fins. By using software EnergyPlus, it was found that application of overhangs would reduce the electricity consumption for cooling by up to 5.3%. The highest reduction was obtained in rooms with windows that are un-shaded by own-wing walls, face west and have 0.75m overhangs. By using the same software, it was found that an application of side fins to the building with overhangs would reduce its electricity consumption for cooling by up to 1.4% where the highest reduction belongs for windows facing either north or south (at west wing) with out-of-core side fins.

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