Statistical Inference for a Tandem Queue with Dependent Structure for Service Times

P. Chandrasekhar, B. Chandrasekar (India), and V.S.S. Yadavalli (South Africa)


Bivariate exponential distribution, CAN estimator, expected service time, multivariate central limit theorem, Slutsky theorem, and tandem queue


Consider a single channel two-station tandem queue with zero queue capacity and with blocking (see [1]). Assuming that (i) the arrival process and the service process are independent, (ii) arrival process is Poisson and (iii) the service process is bivariate Poisson, we obtain the transient solution for the system. Also, CAN estimators and asymptotic confidence limits for (a) the average number of customers in the system and (b) the expected service time per customer in the system are obtained.

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